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With all the latest talk on the prototype SVR Velar Range Rover we decided to look further in what land rover are arranging for the UK market next year 2019. Click for more on the SVR Velar.

So yet again Land Rover have decided to introduce a further model of the Range Rover Velar which is going to be the fastest vehicle manufactured from Jaguar Land Rover. The new High Performance Velar SVR will have the V8 supercharged engine with an eight cylinder. It’s no doubt due to its light chassis the new SVR Velar will be ahead of the current Range Rover Sport SVR when it comes to a race in a straight line. The Aluminium Chassis on the Velar will receive many weight reducing measures resulting in the kerb weight being below the 1800 KG marker. Currently we can only get an idea of the look of the new SVR Velar through its camouflage vinyl exterior but as time moves forward we hope to bring some up to date images. It is expected to be around the £100,000 price tag with a high power output of 547bhp. The SVO engineers based in Coventry will be putting together the finishing touches of the tasteful performance looks with luxury sport looking interior.