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Questions and answers for renting with Exec 4x4 Hire


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YES - All reservations include full comprehensive insurance cover throughout the duration of hire. All vehicles within our fleet also include nationwide breakdown cover.

YES - We allow reservations to have more than one driver however the driver must meet the same criteria as the main driver. Additional costs may be required for each additional driver.

All drivers must have held a driving licence for a minimum of 5 years without any suspension of driving. Customers who have been involved with more than 1 accident within the last 3 years must inform or reservations team prior to reserving the vehicle.

YES - We provide a simple hassle free delivery service direct to the customer throughout the UK either at home or work. The delivery team will update the customer prior to arrival, providing notice so the customer can prepare their driving licence and identification documents.

YES - We provide a delivery nationwide to all Airport terminals along with privately owned airfields 24/7. Our delivery team will wait within the Airport arrivals hall and escort you to the vehicle less than a 2 minute walk from the exit doors. We have an advantage at Heathrow Airport with customers using the business lounge on arrival.

Our standard daily mileage allowance is 150 miles per each day of hire, going over this allowance can incur fees between 49p – 99p per each extra mile. If you require a higher mileage allowance you can discuss with our staff and they may consider increasing the free allowance.

Our age limits depends on the vehicle hired. We may consider to adjust the limits slightly however this is subject to further information being requested and supplied to our insurance underwriters. We advise all customers outside of the age stated bracket to contact us direct before making any reservations.

To reserve the vehicle we require a deposit payment to secure the vehicle for the dates you require. Driving Licence information is to be uploaded within 7 days via our on-line portal system which is provided after reserving the vehicle. Further details are provided within the email containing the confirmation ticket sent shortly after payment.

We advise all customers to contact Exec 4x4 Hire regarding any damage minor or major. Once the vehicle returns to our local depot a damage and loss report will be provided. We do highly recommend customers to take out cover for as little as £2 per day which covers most damage such as windscreens and tyres. Full details are provided prior to rental.

The vehicle will arrive with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with the same amount, on rare occasions we may deliver the vehicle with less than a full tank but as long as the vehicle returns the same that is fine. Customers are not required to fill the vehicle with Add-blue, the vehicle will have sufficient amount for your duration of hire and mileage.

We advise all customers to submit the quotation form within our website, to provide a valid quotation. Once you have received the quotation and happy to proceed with reserving the vehicle the customer can click on the “Reserve Now” tab which will forward the customer to the deposit payment page. The customer will be required to provide details of any credit/debit card details. Confirmation and payment receipt will shortly follow by email.

YES - There are restriction of vehicle use while on hire which will be stated on the rental agreement and agreed prior to driving which include some of the following uses: race track, emergency assistance, hire and reward off-road driving and international travel. All our vehicle must not leave the UK mainland without written consent by the company. If the vehicle is to be used for unusual events we may be able to amend the standard insurance policy for coverage.