New Land Rover Defender Replaces four-pots new six-cylinder Engine.

Wow the "New Defender" has only been on the UK roads since last year, however Land Rover has now announced a selection of upgrades for the new model year available for delivery within 2021. JLR Decision to almost replace the current 2/0l Engine including the expected launch of the new short-wheelbase Defender 90 Hard-Top commercial option.

The discontinued four-cylinder diesel engine which was available with Defender models in D200 and D240 has now been replaced with JLR new designed Ingenium 6 with in three separate power outputs. This new in-line six diesel is available to choose names D200, D250 and D300 options which engines feature smooth MHEV mild-hybrid out the power delivery and increase efficiency.  These new 6 Cylinder Diesel engines provide and increased amount torque than the previous 4-cylinder engines replace, with the new D200, D250 and D300 producing peaks of 368-lbft, 442-lbft and 479-lbft respectively.

Performance is slightly improved in D200 and D250, but the D300 7sec 0-60mph changes the outlook by cutting two seconds off the previous D240’s figure.
Speaking with many of our regular customer we have noted that all are very excited to see the new Defender straight 6-cylinder within our Defender fleet. Though the current 2litre engine is perfect for the job the saying Bigger is Better seems to be what “Exec 4x4 Hire” customers are saying. We are very pleased to announce that we have pre-ordered the new MY22 with the 3.0l Straight 6 engine and cant wait to take delivery. We will post on our social media once we have the received the delivery date form our local dealership