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The Coupe Range Rover SV

02 September, 2018

The luxury 2 door SV Coupe Range Rover has finally been launched at the Geneva motor show. The super luxury Range Rover now has its big brother of all time bringing with it the highest price tag of all time with a starting retail cost of £240,000 for the basic model which we would like to express is far from basic. The SV Coupe comes with a 5 litre supercharged V-8 engine which will produce a explosive BHP of 558 along with 700NM which allows this stunning Coupe Range Rover to hit a top speed of 165MPH and reaching 60mph in just 5 seconds flat. The chassis is based on the Range Rover autobiography Supercharged with a complete new styling finish, the Aluminium sold grill surround and individual side vents are placed ahead of the frameless doors.

New Range Rover SV Coupe

The roof has a slight resembles of the Range Rover Evoque with its downwards slope toward the rear of the vehicle however positioning this SV Coupe next to the Evoque quickly establishes the difference and size between them both. Hard to believe the wheelbase on the SV Coupe is the same as the normal Range Rover 5 door model the ride height is around 7mm lower than the Range Rover. It’s without doubt that the luxury offered by this new model is exceptional and completely out this world, though the current Range Rover 5 door is impressive presence when entering the cabin of the vehicle the new Coupe is something else when it comes to a sleek modern luxurious touch. The Coupe has the new touch Pro Duo that come with the in control feature allowing to connect direct with your own smart phone along with its 3D Me4iden sound system. Exec 4x4 Hire have been grateful to be invited to the Geneva motorshow and look forward to having a test drive in the new Range Rover SV Coupe once it hits the UK next year.