New 2023 L460 - Fifth Generation Range Rover.

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What to expect from the 2023 Range Rover L460.

Finally, JLR have introduced a new shape model Range Rover with the code name (L460) being the fifth generation Range Rover from the Land Rover.

It was revealed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in London on 26 October 2021. The car has two different wheelbases including a seven-seat option which is new for the full fat size range rover along with the option for a Long Wheelbase (LWB). They have also confirmed that the Fifth Generation will include a PHEV along with the 3.0L Ingenium Diesel MHEV engine which was designed and developed by BMW and Land Rover in 2019. Some speculation has been discussed within the dealership that Land Rover will introduce its first all-round full electrical version for 2024 but confirmation of this is yet to be announced.

The fifth generation Range Rover will be built in the UK from the Midlands Solihull plant and slowing rolling out on production from mid-2022.

The L460 resembles the predecessor the L450 but with more smoothness and simplicity which have been put together by clever modern welding techniques giving that very clean look with a modern but hint of classic shape. The interior boasts a spacious Luxurious cabin with the new Pivy-Pro as the infotainment that has proved so far to be the most up to date state of the art. The New Range Rover will start at prices from £99,375.00 but by the time you have included the most basic of option this will easily be raised to the least £110,000 but could increase to the highest. Spec Range Rover to over £200,00.00. Thankfully Exec 4x4 Hire will be introducing this pedicular model in spring of 2023 and will be offering our regular clients the opportunity to rent this vehicle for short term self-dive rentals.