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Face-Lift Range Rover 2018


So Exec 4x4 Hire have been doing some research into what is approaching for 2018 regarding the new spoken about Range Rover. As we all now know it is common knowledge that the new Land Rover Discovery and Velar have had a complete face lift within the interior cabin with many comments on how modern and luxurious the vehicle looks and how dated it makes the current Range Rover look when parked alongside. We had a test drive at the local Land Rover dealership and yes the stories are true, the interiors are so much modern compared to the £77,000.00 price tagged Range Rover currently parked outside the dealerships. We have done some research and it has come to light that the Range Rover will be having a face lift within the early months of 2018 with the same styling as the recently launched Range Rover Velar and Discovery 5. We surfed the World Wide Web for some spy shots of an idea of what the new Range Rover will look like but as yet it’s hard to make a good picture however you can view the spy shot here for your own personal view. Notice that in the window of the New Range Rover you see a yellow high voltage sticker which indicates this model is based on the hybrid design (electric) ready for their promise of having a total fleet of land rover vehicles capable of driving on electric power. Our fleet of Range Rovers are the most modern up to date available so if you want to try out the current model then visit our Range Rover page for further details on the spec vehicle we offer.