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The next generation 2021 Range Rover (Vogue) fifth-Generation is expected to continue on time with the launch despite all car manufactures closing during the Coronavirus pandemic. Some images have been sourced giving us a slight insight to what’s coming.

There have been new reports that Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) are still expecting to release the new flagship 2021 Range Rover despite the closing of many car manufactures during the coronavirus pandemic. A statement was made by the management of JLR stating that though the vehicle will be launched in 2021 as expected there will be a slight delay to which month this will actually happen, this is expected due to the majority of the flagstaff within JLR being laid off during the pandemic of 2020. He also added that a further impact would have been from parts being made in foreign countries that have also been seriously affected which will no doubt cause a knock-on effect to the launch date. Everyone at JLR is very excited to now continue with putting together the final pieces of the Range Rover Vogue project ready to hit the roads next year.

The new Generation Range Rover known as the fifth generation Range Rover is still on course for launch during 2021. The Range Rover full size referred to for many as the Vogue model has had a completely new MLA platform which provides more flexibility for all types of engines focused on the new plug-in hybrid systems using the electric power-trains with the heavy batteries. It is hard to get a clear picture of the new exterior view of the 2021 Range Rover but some things are more noticeable such as the hardened lines down the lower edge of the side windows and a proud square front end however as the Vogue model as always kept the split tailgate is here to stay which will be favored by many Vogue fans throughout. These pictures are just examples of what we may see on the 2021 however we will upload further details and images when they come available. One thing for sure is that Exec 4x4 Hire will be ordering these Range Rover models in the first instance so all our customers can benefit from driving the new flagship Range Rover.