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With brexit moving a greater speed Jaguar Land Rover announce 1000 job cuts within the West Midlands, with the extra uncertainty of the diesel engine the strain has proven to impact the giant manufacture JLR.

The UK largest car maker have announced over 1000 job cuts for temporary contract workers at their huge plant in Solihull, which builds luxury Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery SUV. Some workers have been told they will move to their close neighbouring plant at Castle Bromwich. JLR have said the cuts have been triggered by a 26% drop in Sales within the first few months of trading 2018 when international sales have boomed in certain countries. The factory currently employs 10,000 workers which includes the contract staff of 2000. Overall JLR employ a total of 40,000 through the UK. In a statement from JLR they have referred to the pressures of Brexit along with the taxes of the new Diesel engine which believes to have put customers off as they don’t know the future of the diesel engine with all the media and uncertainty talks within the EU. JLR did make a statement early in January with their concerns into the hostility towards the diesel engine which they blame for the drop in sales from mid-2017. The UK government has spoken about banning sales of new diesel engines and petrol cars by 2040 so the air quality can be improved but some say this is a step too far. Speaking with Exec 4x4 Hire fleet Manager Martin Bentley he has indicated more customers have further interest in test driving the Petrol Engine with potential Range Rover purchases trying to decide which the best option to buy is. As yet Exec 4x4 Hire do not offer the Hybrid engine for hire but this is something to be introduced within the near future and no later than summer 2020. If you would like to test drive the Range Rover Diesel against the Petrol engine then speak with our sales team on switching mid hire to compare both models.