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Range Rover Hybrid - Range_E

Hybrid Has Launched

Land Rover has confirmed the first hybrid models was unveiled within 2014. The new Range_e will be the new brand for the company's electric diesel hybrid technology in the present Range Rover shape. Tests started in late 2010 with a fleet of 6 hybrids. Bosses at Land Rover have laid a production start date of 2013, running alongside the launch of the new Range Rovers for that year. The 2013 new Range Rover fleet will be now including the hybrid Range_e. The first vehicles to hit production will be the Range Rover Sport and the Land Rover Discovery and Range Rover Vogue won't be too far in the distant future. All have the capability to be powered by the new Hybrid power train. Land Rover designers and engineers are designing both diesel and petrol hybrid. Land Rover has decided that Europe will be the first to get the diesel hybrid. If no problems develop from the diesel vehicles then the petrol hybrids will be easy to ease into the vehicle market. Exec 4x4 Hire is looking at offering the Hybrid Range Rover within the next 18 months.

Range_e Hybrid

Within 2015 we should hopefully see the plug in Hybrid model make its way into the market along with Exec 4x4 Hire fleet. On-going research, design and developing are happening at the Gaydon plant. Will keep you posted on any further more developments on this vehicle. Other wise please visit our main Range Rover Hire information page for further details on models available for hire today
Our Fleet at Exec 4x4 Hire consist of all models including the Hybrid Range Rover.