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Defender 110 Test

Road Testing the Defender 110 XS

Land Rover is known throughout the UK as the ultimate off road vehicle that can challenge any obstacle thrown in its path, Exec 4x4 Hire offer many Land Rover Defenders so the public have the opportunity to drive such vehicle. The Range Rover Sport is the speedy on road vehicle however it has just as much capabilities to drive over any terrain a that its offered, the defender is the main off road vehicle as usually the tyres have more grip and have a higher side wall for grip over the rough terrain. We spent the day in Wales to drive these vehicles using the special terrain response 4x4 options to the test, yes we managed to get stuck but that's just the fun part, getting stuck in a 4x4 Land Rover Defender is all about the excitement of getting out and every time we succeeded. If you would like to hire these vehicles and put them through their paces then contact us for and we will discuss your requirements for each vehicle.

Fitted with the 2.4-litre turbo diesel engine and the six-speed manual transmission from the Ford Transit, the modern is actually quite well-mannered, although its steering lock is more of an orbiting device so supermarket car parks are fraught. Most of the 120bhp / 266lb ft engines urge exists in the lower registers, which is great for towing, but if you extend the revs above 3,500rpm the unit is as ungainly as a draught horse in the Grand National.

Land Rover only builds 25,000 Defenders annually, the majority of them are used by farmers and aid organizations, the automaker says. While still maintaining an air of sophistication and class. If you would like to discuss the new Defender soon to be lounched within this 2019 please speak direct with our Exec Team and they will be happy to discuss your land rover requirmenst.

Land Rover Defender 110 XS