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Face-Lift Range Rover 2018


As usual JLR always like to introduce something exciting and new on regular occasions and for 2017 this has happened more than a few times. Early in the year Land Rover introduced the new Land Rover Discover 5 HSE, however we will look more in detail on the discovery 5 in a separate article. The Range Rover Velar, some love it and some hate it but either way the velar has the most modern interior than any other 4x4 within the UK automotive market.  It has been informed that the Velar has 6 different type of engines to offer including the Hybrid electric version. The popular choice seems to be the  2.0 L 4-cylinder, 2.0 L 4-cylinder diesel, 3.0 L V6 diesel  with a great Fuel economy of 30-52 mpg combined (22-45 city, 38-58 highway).

We have spoken with many of our customers on their thoughts with the new Velar Range Rover and most have repeated the same comments, how many more Range Rover vehicles are going to be made and do they need so many with choices on choices. It was said by many the Evoque was a glorified Freelander but then where did the Velar come from. The Velar should replace the Evoque as some have said but then many younger drivers love the Evoque with a more approachable price bracket starting from £27,000 GBP. Our Exec 4x4 London Branch offer the new Range Rover Velar, visit for further information on our completive rates and the ideal rental package.