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The Range Rover SVR is now available in the new Velar model. The rumour is that the new SVR is to match the X6 BMW rival. The Velar SVR is using the 5 litre V8 Engine expected to produce 542BHP along with 502IB of torque with a 0-60 within 4.2 seconds. The new body styling has a firm aggressive look at the front which of course goes with the SVR appearance with the additional extra-large vents which help the intake of extra air to keep the beast of an engine cool when being pushed that extra limit. The prototype SVR Velar has four rear exhaust outlets which as yet is not confirmed if this will be on the final road type. The interior styling is very similar to all the SVR models including the sporty looking carbon fibre trim and sport bucket seating. The infotainment will be the new duo touch screen as per all the latest models providing ease when using the controls on the road. The sound of the SVR as anyone would agree who has the privileged to hear such a noise is absolutely astonishing which is enough to put a smile on any car enthusiast face.

Land Rover have given an indication to the price starting at around the £92,000 mark whereas the high end current Velar comes out at around £70,000 the official price will be launched within the coming months if not weeks. Exec 4x4 Hire is looking at ordering at least 3 Velar SVR models with 2 of them being based at our London Branch. We will keep our fleet page updated with the latest stock.