Land Rover Past & Present

Land Rover is the world’s second oldest 4x4 specialists. Land Rover is a British born vehicle manufacture company but owned by Indian company called Tata Motors which make up the Jaguar Land Rover Group. The very first design of the Land Rover was developed in the early 1947’s inspired by the concept of the US Military World War 2 Jeep. The Rover Company originally started the design concept and Land Rover was born. Production started in 1948 and the Land Rover Series 1 was created. Throughout the next decade the Land Rover Series II and Series III were made in production and proving its reliability and versatility in its design, a new version was developed taking the vehicle to a new level. 1983 saw the introduction of the Land Rover 90 and 110 (in 1990 they were renamed the Defender 90 and Defender 110). In 1980 we welcomed a complete new design of vehicle and launched into production Range Rover and Discovery. In the late 90’s we saw the introduction of the Freelander. Ownership of the Land Rover division was later sold to Ford Motor Company in 2000 for a sale price of £1.8 Billion.

History of Land Rover Production

2005 saw the exciting launch of the Range Rover Sport which created a travel world of luxury and quality and introducing a completely new market of consumers. Tata Motors completed its purchase of Land Rover in 2008 and still proving a strong player in the 4x4 market. 2011 the Range Rover Evoque was added to the luxury fleet of Range Rovers